Vocations Chalice

Vocations Chalice

You are invited to take the Vocations Chalice home!


The purpose of the Vocations Chalice is to encourage families to pray for and promote vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life.

The Chalice is a tangible reminder of this special intention for the Church. The Second Vatican Council highlights the responsibility of the laity to pray for and support vocations. This urgent call has been strongly affirmed in the writings and addresses of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

Praying for vocations is the most powerful way to support vocations. A vocation is a call from the Holy Spirit, a gift from God that is nurtured in prayer. When we pray for vocations, we lift up to our Father those men and women whom He is calling to follow Him in a very special way. 

How does this work?

Each week at Mass, an assigned family (sign up here) is invited to take the gifts up at the Offertory. At the end of Mass, the family is called by the priest to come forward to receive the Vocations Chalice and a blessing. (Inside the handcrafted box is a chalice, a paten, a laminated card of the seminarians with their address to send a note of encouragement and a prayer card). The family takes the chalice home and puts it in a place of honor.

Each day for a week, during prayer time (morning, bedtime, or at meals), pray for an increase and perseverance of vocations.  The following Friday, please return the chalice to the parish office before 4:00 p.m. for another family to take home.

Thank you for making time to pray for vocations and listening for the "call" in your own family!

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Seminarian Zachary MacKeller with Vocations Chalice