Our St. Marks Mission statement:


Those wishing to join the Greeter Ministry are encouraged to email
Cathy and Teresa at [email protected] 
OR Call
Cathy at 841-1978 
 Teresa at 484-9487. 


 Greeters must: 

  • be baptized AND preferably confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church
  • participate fully in the liturgy
  • take the Catholic faith seriously at all times. Be mindful of what you post on social media
  • meet with one of the coordinators for training before starting your Greeter ministry
  • attend at least two meetings (annually) sponsored by the Liturgy Committee and Greeting ministry in addition to the training meeting
  • attend the HANDS ONLY CPR training that is offered by St. Marks or provide proof of CPR training.


  • If you are unable to greet on your assigned day, please contact Cathy and Teresa at [email protected] OR Cathy at 841-1978 or Teresa at 484-9487 
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass.
  • This is a great time to wear your “Sunday best”. 
  • Sign in on the schedule that is on the table in the vestibule.  This is the only way that we will know that you were greeting at the agreed-on date and Mass time.
  • Get a generic nametag from the room where Father Reggie hears confessions.  Remember to return the name tag before leaving the church.  If you have your own nametag, you may leave it in the room with the generic nametags or keep it with you.  Everyone should wear a nametag.
  • Prepare prayerfully.  The first words from you to arriving parishioners must be words of welcome. 
  • Greet everyone. Be on the lookout for visitors, new members or those who may need special attention (Moms with babies and/or small children, people using crutches, walkers or wheelchairs)
  • Be aware of the contents and location of the Welcome Table
  • Open all doors into the narthex. 
  • Stand by the doors (main entrance, 2 or 3 greeters), north AND south doors (1 greeter each).  Children who have not been confirmed MUST be with a parent or adult at all times when greeting.
  • SMILE and look people in the eye.
  • Greet with “Welcome to St. Mark’s” or “good morning or evening” as appropriate.
  • Close all doors to the sanctuary when the procession is well down the center aisle.
  • Do not hand bulletins to parishioners as they come in (request from the Liturgy Committee).  It’s ok if parishioners help themselves to a bulletin.
  • Be familiar with the interior layout of the church (all exits, restrooms, drinking fountain, lost/found, sacristy, cry room, headphones for those with hearing concerns).
  • Be prepared for EMERGENCIES

The First Aid Kit, provided for us by our Faith Community Nurses, is located on top of the file cabinet in the unlocked room (near the Resurrection Room) across from the main church office. If you should use anything out of the bag, please put the packaging in a zip lock bag which is in the emergency bag so that it can be re-ordered in order to keep the bag fully stocked.

The AED is located on the wall (near the last door to the main entrance) in the vestibule. Remember your Hands Only CPR skills!

Emergency exists (located on the right side of the church as you face the altar and near the restroom past the Cry Room) as well as all regular exists.

I (Cathy) will email, text or phone you on Thursday before the weekend when you are scheduled to
greet just as a reminder and to let you know of any special events such as a baptism or if we are asked 
to distribute any handouts (not bulletins).

Thank you for volunteering with the GREETER ministry!                                                                                                  

22 June 2017/3 December 2017

Extraordinary Ministers Handbook & Guide Assistance

Dress to Serve NEW Updated 5/31/2019