Liturgy Schedule and Guides


If you have an questions about the liturgy schedule please contact Gayle O’Donnell at [email protected]

Readings can be found online at the USCCB website

Need help with bible pronunciation?  Check out this website,  (click on the web address and the site will open in this window.  When you get to the website do the following:

  •  Select the letter the word begins with
  • A list of words will appear, find your word and click on it
  • Your word will appear in bold face type, under it will read Hear it
  • Click on the [.wavfile], make sure your speakers are turned up
  • You will hear how your word is pronounced!

Extraordinary Ministers Handbook & Guide Assistance

Dress to Serve NEW Updated 5/31/2019

Eucharistic Minister Handbook 2-14

Eucharistic Refresher Guide 2-14