Comfort Quilters


Mission Statement:  Quilters and seamstresses interested in creating and providing comfort with quilts gather and enjoy a community of spiritual and creative talents.

We meet each Monday from 9am to noon in Donoghue Hall at St. Mark’s. (Second and fourth Mondays we meet from 9 am to 3 pm) You are invited to spend as much or as little time as your schedule permits. 

Fabric, batting, thread and patterns are provided.  Each person works on their own quilt. On our “sew” days (2nd and 4th Mondays) you are welcome to bring your machine and spend the day sewing.  Every other Monday (1st and 3rd) we hand sew on bindings and labels, pin quilts, and sort fabric as needed.  

How you can help:

New members are always welcome. Even if you are a beginner please come and check us out. Donations of cotton fabric and batting are always needed.

Organizations we donate to:

  • St. Mark’s parishioners who are ill or have had surgery
  • Care Centers in the St Mark’s area
  • Marion Pritchett High School
  • St. Alphonsus Hospice
  • St Alphonsus Hospital
  • St Alphonsus Family Care Clinic
  • Mountain States Tumor Institute
  • First Choice Hospice
  • Lighthouse Hospice
  • Veterans
  • Rachel’s Vineyard retreats


For more information contact

Janet Clark