Garden Ministry

Garden Ministry

“For I was hungry and you gave me food . . . Amen I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:35, 40

The Garden Ministry at St. Mark's serves the hungry through the Garden of Plenty, a parishioner maintained plot whose weekly harvest is offered to the St. Mark’s food bank recipients.

Additionally, the gardens provide over 45 plots to refugee families to grow food for themselves.  Not only does the garden provide a means to grow food familiar to these families, it helps to build a sense of community between peoples displaced from their homes, trying to start over in a new country. It brings new friendships and support for homesickness.

We are a family friendly ministry. Adults and Children of all ages encouraged to participate in gardening. It is a fun experience for all.

We ask for your prayers for the safety of all the gardeners, for a rich and bountiful harvest, and for everyone who participates to find themselves closer to God.

  Annual Events  - For more details and to Sign Up for Events Click Here

Mid March – Assemble seed packets for parish distribution

Mid March – Irrigation Ditch Cleaning – raking out the leaves and debris

Late March/Early April - Distribute seed packets after Masses to parishioners to support the garden by sprouting plant seeds to be grown in the garden.

April – Scouts in the Garden: St. Mark’s Scouts work with their families in the garden preparing it for the spring.  Held on a Sunday after 11:00 Mass

April – Garden Work Days: We have 1-2 Ministry Member work days to prepare the gardens. Held on a Sunday after 11:00 Mass.

Holy Thursday – BK Service Day: Two to four classes come out to prepare the gardens during Bishop Kelly’s Annual Service day.  PLEASE LOAN US YOUR WHEELBARROW ON THIS DAY!

Last week in April – Garden Open to refugee family plot holders

Weekend after Mother’s Day – Plant Starts Due Back:   Leave your plant at the edge of the garden on the north side of the parking lot. If there is heavy rain, then please leave your plant on the table near the north entrance.  Thank you to everyone who brings home seeds to start for the garden. Planting the garden with seedlings dramatically increases the amount of produce we are able to provide the food bank!

Saturday after Mother’s Day – Refugee Family Planting Day

Sunday after Mother’s Day – Garden of Plenty Planting Day: Held after the 11:00 Mass.

Saturday and Wednesday mornings from May – October - Tend the Garden: Meet in the garden from 9:30-11:00 every Saturday and Wednesday to care for the garden.

Mid-October – Garden Clean-Up Work Day – Get the garden ready for winter. Held on a Sunday after 11:00 Mass.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteering in the Garden – Saturdays and Wednesdays 9:00-11:00:  Mark your calendars, we’ll be meeting all summer long (May-October). It’s enjoyable to weed or harvest while conversing with other parishioners. The garden is always open if you’d like to come another time – we will even meet you at your convenience to show you the ropes.  

Kids in the Garden -  Kids of all ages are always welcome. We have raspberries and cherry tomatoes to pick and a sandbox area to relax in when they are through with the work. We know what kids can be like!

Caller Help – We are looking for a few people who would be willing to help call and personally invite ministry members to our big garden events. This will be about 3-5 times a season.   

Bulletin Writer – Looking for someone who will write and submit bulletin announcements about events and ministry news.

Flood Irrigation Watering – Looking for people to flood the Garden of Plenty. Time slots are Mondays 1 pm-4 pm, Wednesdays 3 pm-9 pm, and Fridays 8 am-1 pm. We water all three days and it takes about 2 hours, so there is some flexibility in exactly when you show up. – Waterers and Substitutes Really Needed

 Support the Garden - If you would like to make a donation we are looking to acquire or purchase the following items

- Donations to pay for tilling      - heavy duty wheelbarrows (1)  -repairs to current wheelbarrows  - vegetable seeds of all kinds  - Garden shovels (10)  - Garden Hoe (2)  -Contractor/professional grade heavy duty watering hoses - 100 feet each (4)           

Garden Ministry Contacts (remove spaces, use symbols)

Shylo Evans  

Gordon Jones  208 484-6519   gjones709 at yahoo dot com