Latino Ministry

Recomendaciones preventivas para una buena higiene por coronavirus :

-        Si usted o sus hijos/as no se sienten bien, mejor quédese en casa.

-        Use buenos hábitos de higiene: lávese las manos con agua y jabón antes de cualquier evento por 30 segundos y use desinfectante para manos.

-        NO SALUDE DE MANO ni de abrazos.

-        Si usted es vulnerable (adulto mayor o tiene salud débil) mejor quédese en casa.

-        Si viajo recientemente a una área impactada con COVID 19, mejor quédese en casa.





Our Mission is simply "to promote Latino culture awareness, organize and coordinate the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration, and serve the greater St. Mark’s community".

We participate in the parish’s life by supporting and organizing events in tangible and intangible ways. Our members participate in many activities both here at St. Mark's and at the Diocese level like parish council, evangelization retreats, Boy Scouts parish troop, radio Sal y Luz, Extraordinary Eucharistic ministry, greeters ministry, music ministry, etc.

Being a member of our ministry is easy: be registered with the parish and be willing to serve the parish.

Come join us!

Spanish Mass

Come join everyone for Mass in Spanish on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 1 PM.