Respect Life

The Respect Life Ministry of St. Mark's is dedicated to sharing information and resources which can help preserve all human life. We operate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Committee for Pro-Life Activities of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops ( We adhere to the Church’s teaching that all human life is sacred, for it is created in the image and likeness of God.

St. Mark’s Respect Life Ministry actively supports groups that share in our mission, but remains non-political and non-confrontational. 

Membership and Meetings

Our ministry can be tailored to any busy schedule! We meet 2-4x/year, but do most of our work in planning committees. Committees meet on an as needed basis according to the schedules of its members. All members are encouraged to participate in all our projects even if they can't be part of the planning committee. Our committees include: Respect Life Month, Baby Bottle Drive, 40 Days for Life, Welcome Baby/Pregnancy Blessings, March for Life, Miscarriage Mass, Fellowship/Recruitment, Educational Outreach, Family Rosary, January Memorial Crosses, Rose Procession, Lenten Stations of the Cross, and more. 

Our primary means of communication is email. For more information or to join contact Emily Naugle.




   Respect Life Ministry committees at St. Mark's
 Crosses representing the millions of lives lost to abortion.  Erecting Crosses in January
Dee Barker, Karen Simkins, co-chairs
 March for Life  Promoting Parish Participation in the Annual March for Life
Karen Simkins, chair
Emily Naugle, co-chair
 Mary's Rose  Annual Rose Procession during October — Respect Life Month
Tami Koenig, chair
Emily Naugle, co-chair
 Please, join us in meditating on Our Lord's Passion during the Fridays of Lent.  Lenten Stations of the Cross
Emily Naugle, chair
Terry Jung, co-chair
 place holder  Respect Life Month & Diaper Drive
Meredith Dixon, chair
Karen Simkins, co-chair
 place holder  Respect Life Sunday (First Sunday in October) — Parish & Pastor Involvement
Terry Jung, chair
 place holder  Family Rosary for Life
The Abe Alsop Family, chair
place holder Member Recruitment/Social Activities
Emily Naugle, chair
 place holder Other committees include:
Respect Life Public Relations and Education
Baby Bottle Drive
Spring Plant Sales
New Mom Giving Tree


 Idaho Catholics Respect Life  - Facebook

USCCB Respect Life Program - USCCB Respect Life Month (October)

God loves each human life from the instant of his or her conception and entrusts this gift to the protection of a mother and father. Abortion ends the life of a child  and offends God.  It also deeply wounds the men and women involved. If someone you know is suffering after abortion, here’s how to talk to a friend who’s had an abortion. Find help through Project Rachel Ministry.