Welcome to the St. Mark’s Catholic Community lector’s web page, designed to serve you as an inquirer, an aspiring, current or past lector – or someone who just wants to look at the page. 

At St. Mark’s, lectors are practicing Catholics, members of the St. Mark’s community who experience a call to proclaim God’s Word.  We are committed to our liturgical role in the weekly and special celebrations of the Mass.  We recognize that this is not a job; it is not public speaking or oration – it’s a sacred opportunity to let the Holy Spirit work through us as we gather in community to glorify God. 

We hope to keep this site current with information about our ministry, events, training, and interesting articles pertinent to the service we provide. 

Helpful suggestions, comments or questions are always appreciated.  

Ann Cronin, Lector Coordinator
208 484-1924

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St. Mark’s Lector Core Values 

In recognition that the lector ministry is an integral part of the Catholic liturgy, the St. Mark’s lector ministry adopts and conforms to these core values.

Commitment to the Church: 

  • We are Catholic Christians who attend Mass regularly, are active in prayer and service, and model to the best of our abilities the doctrines of the Roman Catholic faith. 

Commitment to our Parish: 

  • We observe the norms of dress and conduct set forth by St. Mark’s ministry heads for all who serve in liturgical ministries. 

Commitment to the Liturgy: 

  • We join our community in participating fully in the Liturgies of Word and the Eucharist.
  • We desire our presence to support and reinforce the sanctity of the Liturgy. 

Commitment to our Ministry: 

  • We prepare completely for our readings – reading and praying over both scripture passages for our assigned Masses.
  • We invite and surrender to the working of the Holy Spirit within and through us.
  • We arrive early to our assigned Masses to further prepare and pray.
  • We proclaim the Word of God clearly, reverently, and without distractions.

We participate in meetings and training for the vitality of our ministry.  

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St. Mark’s Lector Shepherds

What is a lector shepherd?

St. Mark’s lector shepherds are current lectors who additionally support and assist lectors at each Mass, on a rotating basis.  Typically, there are two lector shepherds assigned to each Mass to assist with any scheduling conflicts, unavoidable absences or any problems that might develop.

Lector shepherds’ service includes:

  • prepare for both readings for the Mass assigned and arrive fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled service;
  • check the names of those assigned to serve and watch for their arrival;
  • check the readings at the ambo and, if necessary, confer with the sacristan if there are any changes;
  • serve in the place of an absent lector;
  • mentor new lectors at the assigned Mass;
  • other assistance as needed by any lector or by the ministry coordinator.  

If you are a current lector, would you also like to serve occasionally as a lector shepherd?  Why not prayerfully consider expanding your ministry in this way?

Please check out the current Liturgy Calendar here.

 Read the Lector Introduction PDF