Cursillo / 4th Day


  • What does it mean? Cursillo in Spanish means "a short course", the full name is "a short course in Christian living."
  • Where did it start?  Cursillo started in Majorca, Spain in the 1940's, is a movement within the Catholic Church. The founders were dedicated to helping Catholics know Christ better. The intention then and now, is to give participants a renewed spirituality and a clearer understanding of how Christ can work through them to change the environments in which they live.
  • When did Cursillo come to the USA? The Cursillo Movement came to the US in 1957. That first wekend was held in Texas and was conducted in Spanish.
  • The Cursillo Movement is introduced over three days, starting on a Thursday evening and lasting till Sunday evening.
  • During the three day weekends, which are held separately for men and women, there will be daily Mass, the rosary, opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation, stations of the cross and prayers by yourself, in groups, along with daily meditations.
  • A team of religious and lay persons present a series of talks (rollos) to the candidates and the entire group calls upon the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and guidance.
  • The team and candidates live as a small Christian community over the weekend and discuss these talks in small groups.
  • Typically, by the end of the weekend, candidates have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and a better understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit. Also, candidates have an opportunity to join a 4th day group.
  • A 4th day group, or group reunion, allows a group of candidates usually 4-5, to come together once a week to discuss their spiritual lives. These discussions are structured along the lines of the Cursillo tripod: Piety, Study and Action, which were explained during the weekend.
  • Once a month, all cursillistas are invited to a reunion called an Ultreya, held at rotating local parishes.
  • For more information contact: George Weissbeck, 377 2479  hgweissbeck or Cecilia Obrochta 890 2066