Consecration to the Eucharist

Click the image below to download and print the Consecration to the Eucharist blessing. 

Click the image below to download and print the Consecration to the Eucharist recomittment card. 


Many Catholics have stopped participating in the source and summit of our faith, the celebration of the Eucharist (Mass). Some have understandably stayed distant due to health concerns, others due to the busyness of life or, more to the point, a lack of understanding of the true presence Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. To encourage a return to Mass and engagement in a Eucharistic life, St. Mark's is participating in a CONSECRATION TO THE EUCHARIST. The Consecration began September 20th and will conclude June 6th, Corpus Christi Sunday. 


  • WHAT will we see?
    • A homily series on the Eucharist;
    • Personal testimony videos (click HERE to view) and testimonials given at Mass;
    • Weekly quotes and educational resources on the Eucharist in the bulletin;
    • Practical ways to engage in a Eucharistic life in the parish and school newsletters;
    • Videos, quotes, resources, and practical application ideas on this web-page;
    • Eucharistic quotes, information on the lives of our saints, prayer opportunities and more on our Facebook page;
    • Survey/discipleship index given to all parishioners in November then again in June - DID WE GROW?
    • Recommitments celebrated at Mass until June 6th.
  • HOW are we helping each other grow spiritually?
    • We began with a reconsecration of our clergy on September 20th. Each week thereafter, we have, and will continue to, bless and recommit ministry groups to the Eucharist.  Download and print your Consecration Blessing Card and  Re-Commitment Card. 
    • Perpetual Adoration resumed September 20th.
    • Parish Staff pray in Adoration for the parish and school community on the first Tuesday morning of each month. 
    • Adoration is offered in the main church each Wednesday from 9:30am to 8:00pm to allow flexibility, enabling more of our faithful to Adore Him.
    • Ministries and Small Faith Communities will host additional public Adoration opportunities throughout the Consecration to the Eucharist.
    • We added aTuesday, 5:30pm Mass.
    • Our Parish School will be increasing Adoration opportunities.
  • FAQ 
    • My family is already extremely busy, how can we do one more thing?
      • The busyness of our lives today was one of the motivating factors for our Consecration to the Eucharist pastoral year. We all need to take and make time for Jesus. 
    • I am not ready to come back to Mass yet, due to personal or family health concerns. What can I do to participate?
      • The Church is open M-F, 8:30-4:00pm. On most afternoons, the Sanctuary sits empty. You are welcome to stop in to pray at any time.
      • We have perpetual Adoration where masks are worn and physical distance observed (there are only two adorers in the Chapel at at time). You can commit to an hour HERE.
      • Watch Mass online via our Facebook page or this website.