Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Mark's

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Mark's,
As a priest and your pastor, I find the recent news from the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report and that of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, sickening, disheartening and demoralizing.
I feel it is important to remind you, as parents who entrust your children to the Catholic Church, that there are strict requirements which clergy and laity who work with minors must adhere to. Regularly issued background checks and Safe Environment Workshops are just two of those requirements. The protection and care of those who are most vulnerable is foremost our work as the Church. At our parish and parish school, we haven’t wavered in this commitment.
Prayer, acts of charity and speaking the truth in love helps me through this, and it is how each of us will find our way through it. These are the times in which we are called to be faithful in our daily prayer, in gathering as faith filled Christians at Sunday Mass and in caring for those who are most in need.
In this past Sunday’s Gospel (Jn 6.60-69), after Jesus speaks of giving those who believe in Him, His flesh to eat (Eucharist), many of the would-be-disciples left. Jesus asks a pertinent question to those who remain, ‘Do you also want to leave?’ St Peter responds, ‘to whom shall we go?’
Where will we go? Hopefully we’ll gather at Sunday Mass, pray as a family daily, help those who are in most need and speak the truth in love. 
It’s easy to walk away and to go where we are comforted but sometimes we are called to weather the storm and to fight injustice exactly where we find ourselves. We are always called to pray, particularly as a community, and as Catholics with our Lord in the Eucharist.
Please take a few moments to view Bishop Robert Barron’s comments:
May God Bless You,
Father Ben Uhlenkott, Pastor