Christmas 2016

Dear Parishioners and visitors,

The Savior is born! Great news…we hope for everyone!

The purpose of the coming of the Son of God, Jesus, is to bring us fullness of life ‘I came so that they may have life and have it more abundantly’ Jn 10.10), particularly heaven! We express this fullness of life by giving gifts to one another each Christmas, bringing joy to people’s lives, especially to those whom we love including some of our gifts to help the less fortunate through St Vincent de Paul (headed by Mary Kaineg) and our parish St Jude foodbank (headed by Gary Turner). Bringing life to the world in and through us is the message of God becoming human. We are people who take our faith and give it expression (James 2.26).

So this is the joyous life of a Christian pilgrim in this world and what I’ve witnessed in the people coming to Mass throughout the year here at St Mark’s. St John the Baptist came, making straight people’s paths to welcome the savior, in word and deed, particularly stating of Christ, ‘He must increase; I must decrease’ (Jn 3.30). This brings us to life here at St Mark’s, ‘Receiving and Sharing the Love of Christ.’

There are so many great expressions of faith here in our parish! My deepest thanks to so many of the heads of our more than 70 ministries and bible studies, the work of our school principal, Donna Gordon, and the teachers and staff shepherding the faith of our student disciples, the work of our parish staff and clergy, bringing what we’ve received to those we sit with in the pews and to those who do not regularly attend church.

I ask you to please pray for those who are struggling this Christmas, where joy is hard to find, especially the widowed, divorced, homeless, jobless and seriously ill. May our faith be expressed in prayers and acts of charity.

I extend a warm welcome to those new and visiting our parish for the first time and I encourage you to take the time to learn more about us by reading our parish bulletin or visiting our website, . We are happy you are here! St. Mark’s parish wants to share the gift of knowledge of the faith this year. Please open your gift by visiting, enter St. Mark’s parish code, KFR83M, and unwrap a literal treasure of educational resources.

On behalf of Fr. Reginald, our Deacons, all parish and school staff, I offer you my prayerful best wishes for a Holy and Blessed Christmas Season!

With deep joy and gratitude,

Father Ben Uhlenkott, Pastor