Being an Active Parishioner at St. Mark's

For our parish school families and those wanting to become more engaged in the life of our parish, what does an active St. Mark's "Lion" look like?

We joyfully recieve and share the love of Christ! We attend Mass, contribute financially, pray, and we are engaged in ministry.  How?

  • We attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation.
  • Pray! St. Mark's parishioners integrate Scripture, a daily rosary and committed weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in their lives.
  • Tithe - When deciding what to give, a commonly used formula is:
  • Engage in ministry -
    • Where do YOU belong? Click HERE to find a list of our current St. Mark's ministries and contact information.
    • School families are expected to participate in parish ministry to recieve the gift of an in-parish tuition rate. Each family is asked to participate in ministry pertaining to their eldest child's faith formation. To read Fr. Ben's letter regarding school family ministry expectations, click HERE.
    • For more information regarding St. Mark's ministries, contact Juliet Jones, [email protected]