Parish Nurses

St Mark’s Catholic Community
Faith Community Nurses Mission Statement

Throughout scripture, God calls people of faith to healing. The Church Health Center cultivates relationships with individuals and congregations to encourage educate and equip people to build and sustain healing ministries. As an integral part of a healing ministry, faith community nursing is one of the best ways a congregation can promote health and wholeness.

The mission of faith community nursing is the intentional integration of the practices of faith and nursing so that people can achieve wholeness in, with, and through the community of faith in which they serve. (Adapted from

Our Faith Community Nurses work closely with other health care providers in our congregation and within the community. Our governing body is St Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. We operate strictly under the Scope and Practice Standards published by the American Nurses Association (2011).

Our role as FCNs is to focus on a person’s health as: health assessor, educator, referral agent, counselor, advocate, and health care visitor to parishioners who are ill or have health needs in their homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. We do not provide direct care however we have a plethora of community resources that we use. We will make an assessment and make sure you are safe and then call in our resources.

If you or anyone you know needs our service please call Joan Carnosso FCN 713-1771 or the Parish office 375-6651.

IN ADDITION The FCN work closely with another ministry at the church called Helping Hands and Hearts: This ministry provides comfort and companionship to the homebound of our parish. They provide weekly visits where they sit and simply visit with the person which means so much to them. They also will provide rides to church or Doctors’ appointments; they will even do food shopping. This is an extremely important ministry. If you know anyone who needs these services please call Joan Carnosso 713-1771.

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