Monday Morning Men's Prayer Group

Prayer Group Contact: Art Galus, [email protected]

The Monday Morning Men's Prayer Group is a gathering of Catholic men who share their love of their Catholic faith through reflection and prayer.

They meet weekly for an hour from 6-7:00 am in the Faith Formation Room (#113).

Meetings begin with Thomas Merton's Prayer of Abandonment. Next the daily reflection from "The Living Faith," a book of Catholic devotions, is read and discussed.

Then the group breaks open the Word with various members reading aloud the Scriptures for that Monday.

Comments on the readings are encouraged. Often members will share comments they have come across in their faith reading. We also encourage members to share how the readings apply to his situation.

The meeting is closed with intercessory prayer in which the participants praise and thank God and, with complete confidence in the Lord, lift up their own needs and the needs of others for God's mercy. The meeting ends with the "Our Father", a "Hail Mary" and the "Glory Be".

If you would like to join the Monday Morning Men's Prayer Group, call Bob Bauer at 375-9828.