Manna Ministry


Manna Ministry feeds the parish! We provide baked goods for coffee hours and for various parish events throughout the year, as well as baked goods for priests at the St. John Vianney Retirement Center and the Corpus Christi House. We also coordinate Mercy Meals for families with new babies, those who are recovering from surgery, or to help with family emergencies (death in the family, etc.). 

The group meets the first Sunday of the month in the St. Mark's library at 10:00 am to schedule baking assignments for the month.  It is not necessary to attend meetings to help! Opportunities to help with our parish baking will be under announcements on this page or in the bulletin and parish emails. All are invited participate!

If you would like to join our email list to receive announcements about needs for baking or Mercy Meals, or if you are in need of Mercy Meals, please email or call  Emily Woodham at 512-439-9740 or Hope Ryan at 208-297-8458. 

 Our next meeting is May 7 at 10am in the St. Mark's Library. Come join us!






It's time to fill t he parish freezer with baked goods for our parish! Please click on the link to sign-up: or


Come help us fill the freezer with baked goods for coffee hours, priests at the Retirement Center, and parish events! All baked goods need to be wrapped in plastic wrap and heavy foil or placed in freezer bags.

Please: Mark items with "Manna" and date prepared and a use by date (most baked goods can be stored in the freezer for three months.) Do not donate items with nuts or nut butters! Designate all gluten-free items so we can keep them separate from other items when served. All baked goods may be dropped off at the parish office. Thank you for your help in providing our parish with with delicious snacks and treats! For more detailed guidelines, please see our Google Docs page:




St. Honoratus of Amiens, pray for us!