Calendar Keepers

Calendar Keepers maintains the scriptural calendar that hangs in the main office foyer. You will find the events occurring in the Church listed there along with

  • Short Biblical readings for the day
  • An image to illustrate the Gospel reading
  • A short biography of the saint(s) of the day

All event information is subject to change. Please refer to the bulletin for up-to-date information.

Calendar Keepers would like to find one person in each of our cultural communities to furnish us information about how their group celebrates special days so that information can be added to the calendar, effectively increasing our knowledge of one another. What special differences exist among us when celebrating Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, etc.? What special days during the year are important to each community, e.g. May 5, Sept. 15, Chinese New Year, MLK Birthday, etc.? If you can help with this effort, contact Art Galus at

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